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Run to 2022 Children's Race FAQs

Will I be allowed to support my child in their run? 

Yes! We encourage parents to stand alond the side of the 1.5K route to cheer on the competitors.

Can I run with my child?

Unfortunatly no adults will be allowed to run in the Children's race (except for extraordinary exceptions), but children are allowed to run in the adult's 5K event.

How will I be timed?

The children's 1.5K will not be officially timed. However, an unofficial race clock will be present.

Can I have a more detailed map of the route?

For sure! Click the button below to download our detailed race map(s).

What do I receive as part of my registration? 

When you register you receive an entry to the children's 1.5K, and a Run to 2022 Medallion.

Refund Policy

The Run to 2022 event has a no refund policy. This policy applies regardless of whether you become injured, have an unexpected business/family emergency, pregnancy, travel issues, weather cancellation, etc. There are NO exceptions.

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